Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Designing & Planning Your Kitchen Remodel Like a PRO

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Dishing out a great kitchen remodeling project requires a few essential ingredients, like a dash of style, a mix of the right people and a healthy amount of your  “greens” (money, that is). 

But if this is your first time building your dream kitchen, then you know how  overwhelming it is to put everything together. 

That’s why there’s The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Planning Your Kitchen  Remodel Like a Pro

It’s your recipe for a successful kitchen remodel packed with real-world tips from  my work as a kitchen design professional. 

Download the ebook today and explore: 

● Why you need both a designer and a contractor 

● The real costs of renovating a kitchen 

● How to maximize every inch of your space with effective planning

● How to choose gorgeous and timeless finishes for your project 

● Why choosing a specialist contractor is critical (if you want to design your  dream kitchen) 

Say goodbye to bloated budgets, half-baked plans and bland designs. It’s time to cook up something amazing with The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Planning  Your Kitchen Remodel Like a Pro.

Downloadable Binder Pages:

Kitchen Renovation Planner

ONLY $12.98 USD

WARNING: Kitchen remodeling isn’t for the faint of heart. 

It has lots of moving parts and unless you’re super-organized, you’ll find yourself  spending more time and money than you intended. Imagine the stress and sleepless  nights. 

Enter the Kitchen Renovation Planner, your essential tool when designing,  planning and executing your project.  

Print the planner and organize the pages in a binder. This way you’ll have all the  information and documents you need in one place, including plans, contracts and  order information. 

And when you combine it with my kitchen remodeling eBook, the planner will  help you execute projects like a pro. So, get organized, efficient and within budget … plan with expertise as your guide. 

Remember … don’t start your remodeling project without your copy of the Kitchen  Renovation Planner.  

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"I didn't know what I didn't know" I learned so much that I would have never thought about as I approached my kitchen remodel. The binder helps me to stay organized during the process.

- P. Andrews (Bear, DE)

"A wealth of information for a novice like myself. This book helped me to ask all of the "right" questions to all of the many people involved in my renovation and move my project along smoothly

-M. Bartell (Detroit, MI)

"As a design student, we are not taught residential design" This book was a crash course that helped me learn a lot about designing kitchens that I did not know in a short amount of time.

-C.Kinney (Lexington, KY)